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Published at: 11/22/2022

Michael B. Hannon

Michael B. Hannon is the Managing Director for FP North America’s regional operations. Since his start in 2007, Michael has developed and implemented numerous processes and programs that have improved both sales and operations as well as customer experience, leading to FP’s continuous growth in the region. Michael is passionate about creating customer-centric solutions that enable businesses to operate more efficiently.

Newsroom Posts from Michael B. Hannon

Michael Hannon in front of blurred city skyline

Office Technology Magazine Interviews Michael Hannon

FP’s Managing Director for North America, Michael Hannon, was interviewed by the Business Technology Association (BTA) where he highlights various...

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Illustration of a hand placing an envelope in a mailbox

Getting New Customers by Helping New Customers Get New Customers: The Case for Direct Mailings

Digitalization is lessening the need for print in the office, causing print volumes and associated revenues to decline. That means the office...

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It Starts with Us podcast title image

"It Starts with Us" Podcast

Solutions selling is a way of focusing on your customer’s needs rather than the products you sell. Finding sustainable partners and products will...

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