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Updated First-Class® Mail pricing offers a 5¢ discount for postage meters users

The USPS® announced that on January 27th 2019 there will be a change in postal rates. If you have a postage meter you will now SAVE 5¢ over Stamps.

There will be a $.05 increase to First-class Mail forever stamps making them $.55. Postage Meter Rates will now be cheaper at $.50.

This will allow Postage Meters to save 9% over stamps. The cost for an additional ounce is only 15 cents now, opposed to 21 cents previously.

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Rate change January 27th, 2019

Below are some key rate changes. Our 2019 Rate Change Guide will be available for download shortly. To see more information about the changes, view our blog post here.

First-Class® Mail

First-Class Single Piece Mail Current Price Jan 27, 2019 Change
Letter (1 ounce) stamp $.50 $.55 10.0%
Letter (1 ounce) postage meter $.47 $.50 6.4%
Additional ounce $.21 $.15 -28.6%
Letter (2 ounce) postage meter $.68 $.65 -4.4%
Large Envelope (1 ounce) $1.00 $1.00 0.0%
Postcard $.35 $.35 0.0%

Priority Mail®

Priority Mail® Retail Current Price Jan 27, 2019 Change
Flat Rate Envelope $6.70 $7.35 9.7%
Legal Flat Rate Envelope $7.00 $7.56 8.0%
Padded Flat Rate Envelope $7.25 $8.00 10.3%
Small Flat Rate Box $7.20 $7.90 9.7%
Medium Flat Rate Box $13.65 $14.35 5.1%
Large Flat Rate Box $18.90 $19.95 5.6%


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