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Professional Services

Taking Support to the Next Level

The FP Professional Services team of expertly trained hardware and software specialists is available throughout the entire sales process to ensure successful results for everyone.

We’ve Got This

Take on those high-volume mailings with a PostBase Pro / Pro DS / ONE.  Add a folder inserter, some mailing or shipping software, a couple pieces of furniture and top it off with Pro Services.  Now you have a sleek mailing system that returns time, money and labor back to your company.

Pre / Post-Sales Support Includes:

  • Customer workflow analysis
  • Testing of customer samples
  • Hardware & software demonstrations (remotely or on-site)
  • Video and/or hardcopy test results
  • Assistance with equipment configurations
  • Multiple systems integration
  • Installation and training
  • Initial mailing launch
  • Follow up

Think Big

PostBase pro on office tabletop
FPi 4700 on table in office
FlexMail software on office desktop

Professional Services pertains primarily to FP OEM products; Folder inserters, EDGE Addressing Systems, Flex-Systems Software, OnShip, QTrak, ParcelPods and multiple system integration.

For more information contact Sarah Murrell