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PostBase pro

Enterprise Series

The next generation of PostBase for the Enterprise Series

As your mail grows, you need a postage meter that is tailored to your specific mailing needs. The PostBase pro can be adapted to your ever-changing needs at any time. PostBase pro is the smart choice for any mailroom that processes variable volumes of mail.

Ease of use

The key to the pro experience is the stack-and-go feature. It allows you to simply place mail in the feeder and the pro mailing system will do the rest.

Differential Weighing

Place a stack of mail on the scale and send them through one at a time. PostBase pro calculates the postage for each piece. The 15 lb standard scale provides precision weighing for thick letters or small packages.

Seal Check Sensor

The PostBase pro checks every envelope flap that goes through the sealer ensuring security and confidentiality.

Label Dispenser

The built-in label dispenser makes sending thicker mail and packages convenient. Weigh the package on the scale and press print label. It’s as simple as that.

See the PostBase pro in action

Benefits at a glance:

  • Stack & Go Feeder
  • Anti-Skew Rollers
  • Seal Check Sensor
  • Built-in Label Dispenser
  • Differential Weighing with 15 lb. Scale
  • Process up to 140 Letters Per Minute
  • USPS® IMI-Compliant Security
  • Postage Available 24/7
  • Adjustable, Large Full-Color Touchscreen

Upgrade to a PostBase Pro DS for more customized features

PostBase pro DS Front View

PostBase pro DS was developed with your business in mind, with flexible options from dynamic weighing to powerful accounting software, the PostBase pro DS postage meter can adapt quickly to your growing needs and is highly connectable.

Learn more about the PostBase pro DS