FP Customer Rate Update InstructionsUSPS rates are changing May 31, including a half-cent increase in metered First Class 1oz letters.

As of April 20, 2015, the USPS received initial acceptance for the rate update, now scheduled for May 31, 2015. The update was originally scheduled for April 26, but delayed due to corrections mandated by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

Rate Update Highlights

  • Metered First Class 1oz letter increases from $0.48 to $0.485
  • First Class letter additional ounce increases from $0.21 to $0.22.
  • Postcard increases from $0.34 to $0.35.

may-2015-rate-update-bannerThis article is for FP customers and non-customers alike. We’re including highlights that will help you understand the rate change’s impact to your business and, for postage meter customers, how to handle the update.

FP_Logo_S_30mm_RGBAttention FP Postage Meter Customers:

  • Update your meter(s) to new May 31 rates.
  • If you installed your meter prior to May 31, you must enable ½-cent (decimal) postage!

Rate Update Instructions

The USPS May 31, 2015 Rate Change increases prices for many popular mail classes. Market dominant mail (e.g., letters, postcards, flats where the USPS has a monopoly) overall is going up 1.9%.

We’re not happy to see postage meter customers’ discount on one-ounce first-class letters reduced from one cent to one-half cent. But the remaining half-cent per letter can still add up to significant savings over time.

There is some good news for mailers too. The cost of a first-class letter retail stamp remains $0.49 (no meter discount). Also, domestic U.S. Priority packages stay at current price levels (helping the Post Office further grow its package delivery market share).

The friendly Priority Mail pricing makes the USPS even more attractive as your preferred shipping carrier. Our MailOne 1.0 and MailOne 2.0 software lets you ship like a pro by printing 4×6-inch shipping labels with IMPB and tracking barcodes.

Domestic Rate Changes At-a-Glance

Retail First-Class Letter (1 oz) Remains 49¢ No change
Metered First-Class Letter (1 oz) From 48¢ to 48.5¢ 1.0%
First-Class Postcard From 34¢ to 35¢ 2.9%
Flats Varies 2.5%
First-Class Packages Varies 5.1%
Priority Mail Varies No changes

Mail Classes

First class letter stamp $0.49 $0.49
First class letter metered $0.48 $0.485
Additional ounces for first-class letters $0.21 $0.22
First class postcard $0.34 $0.35
Int’l. first class letter stamp $1.15 $1.20
Int’l first-class postcard $1.15 $1.20
Domestic Priority Mail Varies No changes
International Priority Mail Varies Avg. 5.5% increase
First class flat (up to 1oz) $0.98 $0.98
Additional ounces for first-class flats $0.21 $0.22
First class package Varies Avg. 5.1% increase

Extra Services

Tracking (except Std. Mail) Varies $0.00 (free with IMB and IMPB USPS Tracking)
Standard Mail Tracking $0.23 $0.36
Electronic Return Receipt $1.35 $1.40
Retail Return Receipt $2.70 $2.80
Electronic Signature Confirmation for packages $2.90 $3.00
Retail Signature Confirmation for packages $2.35 $2.45

More Info & Resources

Current USPS Rates (DMM Notice 123)

Prices Prior to Rate Update (effective September 7, 2014)

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