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Visit the FP Rate Change Center for information about the January 26 postal rates and instructions for updating your FP equipment.


The 48-Cent Club: Postage Meters Now Provide First-Class Letter Discount

Webmaster : January 27, 2014 5:02 pm : Blog, Home Page Feature

Join the 48-Cent ClubFor the first time, the USPS has given a discount to postage meter mail. The January 26, 2014 postal rates specified that domestic first-class letters with meter-applied postage would be only 48 cents, compared to the standard stamp price of 49 cents. more »

Rate Change January 2014

Webmaster : January 15, 2014 10:59 am : Blog, Home Page Feature

Looking for information on pricing and updating equipment to the January 26, 2014 rate changes? We’ve got you covered at the FP Rate Change Center.

You’ll find an easy-to-read summary of the most important, relevant price changes. This includes news that warms the heart of postage meter users everywhere: Metered first-class letters are discounted.

FP customers need to update their meters, scales and software to the new rates so their scales calculate the correct postage amounts. If you’re an FP customer, see Update Your FP Equipment to the New Postal Rates for instructions.

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