I (do/don’t) have RateGuard, how do I get my updated card/chip?

If you have RateGuard:

  • You’re covered. We send rate cards/chips for RateGuard, enrolled MyMail, UltiMail, CentorMail and FP-70 and Flexiscale automatically.

If you don’t have RateGuard:

  • House: Order from the web shop on MyOneFP or call 855.472.1835
  • Dealer: Order from your  assigned dealer
  • Major Accounts & Government: Order from your assigned major account representative

When should I update my rates?

When FP makes the rate update available to customers, you may update your rates, even if it’s prior to the USPS effective date. Rates are stored in your machine and automatically activate on the effective date.

  • FP-70 and FlexiMail customers: rates take effect as soon as chip is loaded.

What has the mail rate changed to?

The USPS is changing the mail rates to:

  • First-Class Metered : from $0.465 to $0.460
  • First-Class 1 oz. letter: from $0.47 to $0.49
  • Large (flat) Envelope 1oz: from $0.94 to $0.98

You can view  the price updates on HERE

How can I verify the update?

If your rate update was successful, your equipment will activate the new rates on the effective date. You can verify that the update was successful by checking your equipment’s rate table version number on or after the effective date.  For instructions on how to check your equipment’s rate table version number you can visit our Rate Update Instructions for FP Equipment page and choose your respective meter.

Q: How do I update my postage meter with the new rate?

A: Use the following matrix to find the correct instructions.

Download MailCredit Card/Chip Rate Update Instructions
PostBase X fp-usa.com/ratechange/postbase
PostBase Mini X fp-usa.com/ratechange/postbase-mini/
OptiMail 30 X X * fp-usa.com/ratechange/opti30/
MyMail X fp-usa.com/ratechange/mymail/
CentorMail X fp-usa.com/ratechange/centormail/
UltiMail X fp-usa.com/ratechange/ultimail/
MailOne X fp-usa.com/ratechange/mailone/
External Scales X fp-usa.com/ratechange/scales/

*OptiMail 30 cards only may be ordered if download fails. To order, please fill out the rate card order form. 

Error Codes

Postbase Errors

0D020001: This usually means that your account has insufficient funds. Replenish your postage account by logging into the FP customer portal.

The network and computer system that serves PostBase may become overloaded during rate change, resulting in a “connection test failed” error and an error code similar to 0D020006.

The error means that the PostBase “tested” the network and was unable to complete the connection to FP servers.

If this happens, do NOT attempt to download postage again. Your meter will temporarily be prevented from downloading. Contact Customer Service at 800-341-6052.

OptiMail 30 Errors

Swipe the card slowly so the OptiMail can read it, if you swipe too quickly you will receive an error message.

  1. Push in gently, then stop when you feel resistance.
  2. Wait for the screen’s hour glass to disappear.
  3. Then push the card completely into the slot.
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