These instructions apply to major First-Class Mail rate changes (typically in January). The USPS occasionally issues minor rate changes that may have different rate update instructions. If you're not sure, start with the main Rate Change page.

Enabling Decimal Mode for April 2015 Rate Change

Instructions for enabling Decimal Mode is forthcoming. This allows the MyMail to post the new 3-decimal $0.485 meter rate.

MyMail MAXMyMail rates are updated by inserting a physical rate card and loading the new postal rates into the machine.

When to Update Your Rates

You may update your rates immediately upon receive your rate card. Rates are stored in your machine and will automatically activate on the effective date of the new rates.

Obtaining a Rate Card to Update Rates

If you subscribe to RateGuard, FP will automatically send you a new rate card prior to the rate change effective date.

If you do not have RateGuard, you must order a rate card. See How to Order Rate Update Cards & Chips.

How to Update Rates

After you receive your rate card, you will apply the new rates to the machine.

Verify the Update

If your rate update was successful, your equipment will activate the new rates on the effective date. You can verify that the update was successful by checking your equipment’s rate table version number on or after the effective date.


  • January 2013: 11.05
  • January 2014 (effective January 26, 2014): 12.01
  • September 2014 (effective September 7, 2014): 13.00

To verify that your new rates have been successfully applied, follow the instructions in MyMail Addendum to Operators Manual (PDF).

Memories & Shortcuts

After the effective date of the new postage rates, you may need to manually update any programmed memories to the new rates. The memories will not automatically update.

For instructions on updating memories on MyMail, download MyMail Addendum to Operators Manual (PDF).

Express Mail Endorsement

On January 26, 2014 the USPS renamed Express Mail to “Priority Mail Express”. If you print Express (overnight) delivery postage with your meter, you may need to update the meter to the new wording. (If you do not use Express Mail, this does not apply. See Express Mail Endorsement Update for instructions.)

If you need additional help updating rates with FP Mailing equipment, contact FP Customer Service at 800-341-6052, Option 4; or email

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