How to Update Rates

After you receive your rate card, you will apply the new rates to the machine.

Download MyMail Rate Change Instructions (PDF).

How to Print $0.485 (3 decimals) on MyMail

MyMail MAXEffective May 31, 2015, the rate for First Class 1oz letters rose a half-cent from $0.48 to $0.485.

After updating your rates, you will NOT see the 3-decimal $0.485 in the MyMail display. MyMail is not capable of displaying three decimal places ($0.485), but it can print three decimals.

After you update your MyMail rates, you must weigh the envelope using the built-in scale instead of manually entering the postage amount in order for the machine to print $0.485 (3 decimals).

How to Print $0.485 with MyMail

1. Update your rates with rate card according to instructions further down the page.

2. To print 3 decimals, you must WEIGH the envelope. Please see MyMail Weighing & Posting Instructions.

3. When you complete weighing the envelope, the MyMail screen will show the following:


MyMail screen shows only 2 decimal places.

4. When you print, the red postage indicia will print the 3-decimal postage correctly as shown below.


$0.485 postage imprint (indicia) from MyMail

“Old Rate Table” Error

If you get an error message, “Old Rate Table”, it is most likely because you are trying to reinstall your rate card over an already-successful installation. You may think the original installation failed because you only see 2-decimal $0.48 on the display, but the MyMail isn’t capable of displaying three decimals.

What to do:

1. Verify that the rate update was successful by following the Verify the Update instructions below.

2. Ensure that you are using the scale to weigh your mail piece according to the How to Print $0.485 with MyMail instructions above.

When to Update Your Rates

When FP makes the rate update available to customers, you may install your rate card, even if it’s prior to the USPS effective date. Rates are stored in your machine and will automatically activate on the effective date of the new rates.

Obtaining a Rate Card to Update Rates

If you subscribe to RateGuard, FP may automatically send you a new rate card prior to the rate change effective date.

If you do not have RateGuard, you must order a rate card. See How to Order Rate Update Cards & Chips.

Verify the Update

If your rate update was successful, your equipment will activate the new rates on the effective date. You can verify that the update was successful by checking your equipment’s rate table version number on or after the effective date.


  • May 31, 2015 – 14.03
  • September 24, 2014 – 13.00
  • January 26, 2014 – 12.01

To verify that your new rates have been successfully applied, follow the instructions in MyMail Addendum to Operators Manual (PDF).

Memories & Shortcuts

After the effective date of the new postage rates, you may need to manually update any programmed memories to the new rates. The memories will not automatically update.

For instructions on updating memories on MyMail, download Program Memory in MyMail (PDF).

Media Mail and Library Mail

As of the May 31, 2015 rate update, MyMail no longer supports Media Mail and Library Mail. If these mail classes are important to you, please Contact Customer Service and ask to speak to an Upgrade Sales Rep.

If you need additional help updating rates with FP Mailing equipment, contact FP Customer Service at 800-341-6052, Option 4; or email

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