Metered mail gets one-cent discount

USPS® postal rates will increase on January 26, 2014, affecting most letter and parcel delivery services. The postal regulatory commission approved both the inflation-based (CPI – Consumer Price Index) and exigent (based on economic “emergency” conditions) increases. These increases impact “market dominant” services (i.e., first-class letters over which the USPS has a monopoly) and “competitive services (i.e., package delivery where the USPS competes on the open market).

Metered Postage Rates Are Now Discounted! We’re happy to announce that mail customers who use postage meters will enjoy a one-cent discount ($0.48 instead of $0.49) for single-piece domestic first-class letters, beginning January 26 when the new rates become effective. (See the chart below for details.)

Rate Change Highlights

  • First-class stamped letters (1 oz.) increase three cents to 49 cents, with additional ounces increasing one cent to 21 cents.
  • Postage-metered domestic first-class letters are discounted one cent to $0.48.
  • International stamped letters (1 oz.) increase to $1.15.
  • Postcards increase one cent to 34 cents.
  • Priority Mail remains the same rates for all current shipping zones.
  • “Delivery Confirmation” service will now be called “USPS Tracking”.
  • “Express Mail” service will now be called “Priority Mail Express”.

Price Changes for Popular USPS Domestic Products & Services

Product/Service Current Price New Price after January 26, 2014 Increase
First-class stamped letter (1 oz.) $0.46 $0.49 $0.03
First-class metered letter (1 oz.) $0.46 $0.48 $0.02
Each additional ounce for first-class letter $0.20 $0.21 $0.01
Postcard $0.33 $0.34 $0.01
Flat (1 oz.) $0.92 $0.98 $0.06
Flat (2 oz.) $1.12 $1.19 $0.07
Certified Mail $3.10 $3.30 $0.20
Return Receipt $2.55 $2.70 $0.15
Delivery Confirmation (first-class parcel) $0.90 $1.05 $0.15
Signature Confirmation $2.70 $2.90 $0.20

Single-Piece* First-Class Letter Rates

The screen shot below is from USPS Postal Explorer, January 2014 Price Change Information, Updated 01/03/14, showing new rates for standard first-class letters.


USPS First-Class January 2014 Rate Change Summary

*Single-piece letters are 1-3.5 oz. first class pieces that are not part of a bulk or presort set.

Official USPS Rate Change Documents

USPS DMM Notice 123 (PDF, effective January 26, 2014)

New USPS Price List (Excel format; updated January 3, 2014; effective January 26, 2014)

PRC Approves Postal Service Request for Exigent Rate Increase; Rejects Permanent Price Increases (Postal Regulatory Commission press release)

PRC Approves Annual CPI-based Postage Rate Increase (Postal Regulatory Commission press release)

Rate Adjustment Due to Extraordinary or Exceptional Circumstances (PRC Docket No. R2013-11)

Notice of the United States Postal Service of Changes in Rates of General Applicability for Competitive Products Established in Governors’ Decision No. 13-2 (PRC Docket No. CP2014-5)

Notice of United States Postal Service of Type 2 Rate Adjustment, and Notice of Filing Functionally Equivalent Agreement (PRC Docket No. R2014-3)

USPS Price List 123 (Old—July 28, 2013)

Attention FP Customers:
Update Your Equipment to the New Postal Rates

FP postage meters and software need to be updated to the new postal rates, which go into effect January 26, 2014.

Go to the Rate Update Center now to select your equipment and get instructions.

Rate Update Center for FP Customers

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