Interested in a simple way to save money and increase productivity? FP™ mailroom software expands the efficiency and capabilities of your mailing processes, including postal accounting, reporting, rate shopping, and mail machine interfacing & control.

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FlexStream (for folder inserters)


FlexStream is an Output Management Solution that enhances business operations by automating the processing and distribution of business critical documents.

  • Document File Processing: Combine invoices, statements etc. being mailed to the same recipient into a single envelope.
  • Document Enhancement: Add barcodes, logos, change fonts, add special notes, and so much more.
  • Document Intelligence: Add inserter scan codes to your documents.
  • Variable Messaging: Include fixed or variable images, text messages and digital inserts.
  • Create Forms: Use the overlay feature to create a form then add the text, saving the cost of pre-printed forms.

FlexMail™ (for address printers)


FlexMail™ software provides robust control over address data processing & cleansing, envelope design, and personalized printing. This Variable Data Printing software is a great companion to one of our address printers.

  • Cleanse and organize your address database.
  • Process USPS address verification and certification.
  • Connects to virtually any standard database format.
  • Easy to use drag & drop envelope designer.
  • Works with any PC-based printer.

StreamRetriever (Inbound Package Tracking Software)

StreamRetriever Software

StreamRetriever is an entry-level inbound package tracking system that works on computer desktops and mobile devices.

  • Ensure that your package distribution is done more quickly and accurately with full accountability.
  • Save your company time and money, and reduce the pain of searching for misplaced or lost packages.
  • Have a complete history of all received packages for reporting and auditing.

MailOne™ 2.0 (for PostBase)

MailOne™ 2.0

MailOne™ 2.0 is advanced software for our PostBase™ postage meters. It greatly expands the machine’s operational, accounting, and reporting capabilities. Best of all, it gives PostBase™ customers access to USPS Commercial Base Pricing.

  • Compatible with FP™ PostBase™ postage meter.
  • Get USPS Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) discounts.
  • Process USPS confirmation services.
  • Print all-in-one 4×6 shipping labels.
  • Run comprehensive accounting and postage cost reports.

RemoteOne & ReportOne

RemoteOne & ReportOne

RemoteOne comes standard with FP™ PostBase™ postage meters. Upgrade to ReportOne for enhanced reporting capabilities.

  • Compatible with FP™ PostBase™ postage meters
  • Manage users, departmental accounts, meter settings and operation
  • Run accounting and postage cost reports (ReportOne only)
RemoteOne (Standard)
ReportOne (upgrade)



Mailroom accounting is traditionally a difficult and tedious task that offers very limited information. MailOne™ allows unlimited Departmental Accounts, instant access to 30+ Accounting and Product Reports, and an easy view of detailed records on Dynamic Postage Spending.

  • Compatible with FP UltiMail™ and CentorMail™ mailing systems
  • Instantly accesses commercial based pricing
  • Unlimited departmental accounts
  • Comprehensive mailroom expense and activity reporting



MailCredit is a utility program that allows MyMail™ MAX, OptiMail™ 30, UltiMail™ and CentorMail™ postage meters to download postage via the internet.

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