Whether you have a small business office or a full-scale corporate mailroom, you’ll find an address printer to meet your needs, all supported by FP™ Mailing Solutions’ renowned customer service.

Addressing System Features

  • Print addresses, attention lines, postal barcodes, return addresses, and permit indicia.
  • Supports Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMB), the next generation of barcode technology that can lower your postal rates and allow faster delivery (includes USPS Delivery Point Barcodes).
  • Lightening speeds from 4,300 to 36,000 pieces-per-hour.
  • Sharp, brilliant full color from 300 to 1200 dpi for striking graphics and crisp text.
  • Meet all USPS® Requirements.
  • Fit comfortably on desktop or tabletop.

Address & Envelope Software: Check out FlexMail™, software to cleanse & organize your addresses and help you design great looking envelopes for personalized printing.

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M1 Color Printer

M1 Color Printer

The M1 prints high resolution full process color faster than any other color printer in its class.

  • Print speed up to 7,500 pieces/hour
  • Full bleed color printing up to 8-1/2″ width, including envelopes, letters, invoices, cards, flyers and more
  • Materials up to .020″ thick


FP AJ-5000

The AJ-5000 is an entry-level inkjet address printer with the ability to print in brilliant, full-process color.

  • Print speed up to 4,300 pieces/hour
  • Print area of 8.5″ x 14.0″, allowing printing of entire postcards, envelopes, flats, and documents in a single pass
  • Materials up to 1/16″ thick


FP AJ-300 / FP AJ-500

The AJ-500 is a fixed-head, entry-level inkjet address printer.

  • Print speed up to 30,000 pieces/hour
  • Print area 1.5″ X 14″
  • Materials up to 3/16″ thick


FP AJ-1000

The versatile AJ-1000 has a split printhead configuration that allows mailers to print the recipient address, return address, and permit indicia all in a single pass.

  • Print speed up to 30,000 pieces/hour
  • Print area up to 4″ x 15″
  • Materials up to 1/4″ thick

AJ-2650 / AJ-2800

FP AJ-2650 / FP AJ-2800

Print graphics, logos, and barcodes at up to 600 dpi with the AJ-2650, a six-head printer, and AJ-2800, an eight-head printer.

  • Print speed up to 36,000 pieces/hour
  • Print area up to 4″ x 17″
  • Materials up to 3/8″ thick
  • Process up to 750 envelopes at a time

AJ-3600 / AJ-3800


The AJ-3600/3800 are commercial-grade inline variable-feed printers, covering up to 4″ in a single pass. Their feeders are configurable as standalone machines, or integrated with folder-inserting equipment.

  • Print speed up to 36,000 pieces/hour
  • Print area .5″ x 15″
  • Materials up to 3/8″ thick



The IB-9000 address printer is built for flexibility and durability in the most demanding mailing environments.

  • Print speed up to 36,000 pieces/hour
  • Print area up to 4″ x 17″
  • Materials up to 1-1/4″ thick
  • Available bulk ink system for sustained print runs
  • FP Mailing on Chicago Better Business Bureau ISO 9001 Certification Member: National Conference on Weights and Measures UL Certification