Exceptional products, friendly customer service, and no hidden fees are just some of the elements that contribute to our success and make us the fastest-growing postage meter company in the U. S.
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Select from our full line of mailing products:

Postage Meters

Postage Meters
From the entry-level PostBase Mini to enterprise-ready CentorMail, you’ll find a postage meter to meet your business mailing needs.


Mailing Software
Companion software for FP postage meters helps you control meter setup and operation, run bulk mailings, manage users and accounts, and get comprehensive reports on costs and usage.


Find a full range of machines to automate rapid letter folding and inserting.


Letter Folding Machines
Tired of manually folding papers for mailing, or have a need for more speed? Your organization may benefit from folding automation.

Tabbing, Labeling & Stamping

Tabbing, Labeling & Stamping Machines
When it comes to affixing tabs, labels and stamps on mailing pieces, you’ll find a machine up to the task.

Postal Scales

Postal Scales
FP postal scales interface seamlessly with our line of postage meters, extending weight capacity up to 70 lbs.

Address Printers

Address Printers
Our commercial-grade address printers apply addresses to envelopes at far higher speeds than standard office printers.

Letter Openers

Envelope Openers
For any volume of incoming mail, you can benefit from a mail opener that’s not just fast and reliable, but durable enough to handle the load.

Mailroom Furniture

Protect your valuable mailroom equipment investment with sturdy, stable furniture.
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