The FP House Customer Web Store has changed.

We moved our House Customer* web store (for supplies like ink cartridges and labels) to the new MyOneFP Customer Portal. We hope you’ll appreciate an improved experience finding and ordering supplies for your FP equipment.

Access the Web Store

*Customer Types

  • House Customers – Direct customer of FP corporate. Buy supplies online at the FP Web Store.
  • Dealer Customers – Buy supplies from the dealer who arranged for your FP equipment.
  • Major Account & Government Customers – Buy supplies from your Major Accounts representative.

Supplies Available in the Store

  • Liquid ink (inkjet) cartridges/cassettes
  • Thermal ink ribbons (cartridges)
  • Moistener/sealer inserts & kits
  • Inkjet cleaning & maintenance kits
  • Sealing solution
  • Postage labels (e.g. the #193 long postage labels for T-1000)
  • Mastercards (master cards) and user cards
  • CentorMail print heads
  • Rate cards & chips
  • FP Mailing on Chicago Better Business Bureau ISO 9001 Certification Member: National Conference on Weights and Measures UL Certification