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FPi 5700 Folder Inserter

Enterprise Series

Boost mailroom efficiency one job at a time

The FPi 5700 turns any mail center into a strategic business asset by providing a platform for processing your business critical mailings. The FPi 5700 is equipped with a suite of features designed to make mailing more productive and secure. The enhanced user experience allows the user to maintain easy, uninterrupted mail production.

Easy operation

Simply load the documents and envelopes and press start. The FPi 5700 automatically processes the job for you. Plus, the full color, interactive graphic touchscreen lets you intuitively control all machine functions.

Smart, customizable feeders

The FPi 5700 has intelligent feeders that can process different sized documents. They can also be customized with the capacity to fit any job. The FPi 5700 features an envelope feeder that allows you to load envelopes on-the-fly for uninterrupted processing.


Overcome the challenges of protecting your sensitive, business critical documents with the FPi 5700’s robust security features.

Increase mailroom productivity with interface compatibility

Folder Inserter to PostBase pro (DS) Interface

Create synergy in your mailroom by connecting your compatible folder inserter and your PostBase pro (DS) with the new interface.

Learn more about the Interface Technology

FPi 5700 at a glance:

  • Up to 4,000 letters / hour
  • Full Color Touchscreen
  • Fold up to 10 sheets at a time
  • Smart Feeders
  • High capacity envelope stacker
  • OMR, OCR, BCR 1D & 2D Optional Reading
  • Feeder-Swap
  • Increased efficiency

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