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Become an FP Dealer or Sales Consultant

Established in 1923, FP is the fastest growing postage meter manufacturer in the U.S. If you have experience in (or aspirations for) B2B sales, we have secure partner and employment positions throughout the USA right now.

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Expand Your Brand

Existing Office Equipment Dealers With No Postage Meters

Add mailing solutions to your product & service mix.

Switch Your Brand

Switch to FP from Pitney Bowes, Neopost or Hasler
Existing Dealers Who Sell Mailing Equipment by FP Competitors

Discover the benefits of switching your mailing products to FP.

Be the Boss

Start-Up FP Dealership

Launch your own successful mail solutions business with FP support.

Join a Local Winner

Sales Representative at FP Dealership

Get your foot in the door at an FP dealership in your local area.

Be Your OWN Boss

Independent Manufacturer’s Sales Rep

The sky’s the limit and you call the shots.