Stream Retriever is a simple way to track inbound shipping packages. It works on desktop computers and mobile devices. It’s easy to setup and use. And it gives full visibility to your packages from receiving to delivery.

When you bring StreamRetriever into your company, you’ll…

  • Ensure that your package distribution is done more quickly and accurately with full accountability.
  • Save your company time and money, and reduce the pain of searching for misplaced or lost packages.
  • Have a complete history of all received packages for reporting and auditing.
How StreamRetriever works

How StreamRetriever works


Does your company ever lose track of packages? It’s a costly mistake that can happen all too easily. Parcels can be set aside and forgotten, mislabeled, or delivered to the wrong individual.

With StreamRetriever, every incoming package is quickly scanned into the system, including automatic lookup of the shipping carrier (USPS, FedEx, USPS, or DHL). The receiving person (optionally) prints a label with the recipient, location, barcode, and even special delivery instructions. Then the software sends an email or text message conveniently notifying the recipient to expect delivery.

When your mail staff delivers the package to the recipient, the delivery person can use a mobile device to enter the delivery into the system.

You can log into StreamRetriever anytime from anywhere to check the status of packages, making sure that no package falls through the cracks. And if anyone questions whether a package was delivered, StreamRetriever provides immediate proof of delivery and shows the chain of custody.

Who Is StreamRetriever For?

StreamRetriever can help small to midsize businesses or organizations that regularly receive packages distributed to multiple areas and individuals. Common applications include multi-departmental businesses, universities or colleges with onsite dorms/residences, hospitals, hotels, and government offices.

Key Features

Receiving Packages

Thoroughly and quickly enter all incoming packages into the tracking system.

  • Scan shipping labels for automatic entry.
  • Create a unique record for every incoming package and its recipient.
  • Print internal delivery label with recipient, location, barcode, and special instructions.
  • Include notes and photos for damaged packages.
  • Lock fields to speed multiple package entry to a single recipient.
  • Rapid scanning for package count verification.

Delivering Packages

Deliver packages with greater speed and accuracy, and capture proof of delivery.

  • Create auditable record of every delivery.
  • Capture recipient identification and signature.

Alerts & Notifications

Proactively communicate package and delivery status to recipients.

  • Enter important tracking numbers into the system to alert recipients upon arrival.
  • Send customizable email and text notifications to recipients based on internal delivery status.

Research, Reporting & Auditing

Document all packages, eliminate lost packages, and provide proof of delivery.

  • Standard package reports for Undelivered, Received Today, Delivered today, and User Activity.
  • Show all packages intended for specific recipients.
  • Show proof of delivery for every delivered package.
  • Query the package database on any data field.
  • Export reports to standard formats like Excel.
  • View mobile device activity with GPS location map.


Easy setup and configuration.

  • Unlimited users with multiple roles (permissions).
  • Import recipients into recipient database.

Devices & Connectivity

Cross-platform web-based system accessible by desktop and mobile devices.

  • Mobile connectivity via WiFi and cellular data.
  • Free mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Durable ruggedized devices available for greater reliability.

Smartphone App Screen Shots

Desktop Software Screen Shots


The TC55 ruggedized device is waterproof and dust-proof, built for durability and reliability.

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