Satori Bulk Mailer

Satori Bulk Mailer

Satori Bulk Mailer

FP offered Satori’s Bulk Mailer® to help customers prepare large USPS-compliant mailings faster and more easily to get eligible postal discounts and more reliable deliverability.

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OptiMail 30

OptiMail 30

OptiMail 30 Postage Meter

Launched: 2005
Status: Supported, but not currently manufactured

The “Opti 30” was envisioned as an freshening of its predecessor, the OptiMail (see “OptiMail” below). Among many advancements, it added an integrated scale and an updated interface. It was a popular choice for mailers who needed an economic postage meter, but had more mail volume than the MyMail could handle.


  • Semi-automatic feeder processes your mail quickly and reliably.
  • Hefty 10lb integrated scale handles almost all of your mailing needs.
  • Available external 70 lb scale.
  • Six custom-programmed advertising messages in your postage imprint (indicia).
  • Nine departmental accounts let you assign cost responsibilities in your office.
  • Meets USPS requirements for IBIP compatibility.

Best Replacement

PostBase 20, 30 or 45

Current OptiMail 30 Users

FP continues to support the OptiMail 30. If you operate an OptiMail 30 postage meter, you can still obtain service and supplies.

T-1000 Postage Meter (discontinued)

T-1000 Postage Meter

T-1000 Postage Meter

Launched: 1995
Status: Discontinued, still supported

Touted as “The Best Value in the Industry”, the compact, durable T-1000 (T1000) postage meter has had a very successful run during its lifetime. This little workhorse was the mailing industry’s first fully digital postage meter.

An entry-level mailing machine intended for small office applications, the T-1000 features the following:

  • Process mail as fast as 25 pieces-per-minute.
  • Connect to external scales.
  • Postage Resetting via FP teleset™.
  • Print with indelible thermal ink.
  • Assign postage to 9 departmental accounts.
  • Print custom messages on envelopes.

Best Replacement

When you’re ready to upgrade, we recommend the following FP postage meters to replace the T-1000.

PostBase 30

MyMail MAX

Current T-1000 Users

FP continues to support the T-1000. If you operate a T-1000 postage meter, you can still obtain service and supplies.

Optimail & Scale

Optimail & Scale


Launched: 2006
Status: Discontinued, still supported

The original OptiMail postage meter is one of FP’s most popular products, featuring a semi-automatic feeder and durable thermal printer that imaged mail at speeds up to 25 letters-per-minute. Postage is quickly loaded via phone lines using FP’s teleset™ network.

Most OptiMail installations include companion 10lb Flexiscales that handle international rates.


  • Fully Digital
  • 100% USPS®-Compliant
  • Memory for 9 Advertisements
  • External Scale Support
  • Automatic Date Setting
  • Thermal Ink Transfer for Cost-Effective Printing
  • Digital Scale Interface
  • Semi-Automatic Feeding
  • Postage Resetting via FP teleset™
  • 9 Departmental Accounts
  • Incoming Time/Date Stamp

Best Replacements

We recommend the following FP postage meters to replace the OptiMail.

PostBase 30 or PostBase 45

Current OptiMail Users

FP continues to support the OptiMail. If you operate a OptiMail postage meter, you can still obtain service and supplies.

OptiMail Support

UltiMail 65 (discontinued)

UltiMail 65 Postage Meter

UltiMail 60/65/90/95

Launched: 2002
Status: Discontinued, still supported

Released in 2002, the UltiMail 60 and UltiMail 90 machines are sophisticated and easy-to-operate, processing mail at up to 65 or 90 letters-per-minute when outfitted with an automatic feeder. They use FP’s teleset™ network to load postage over phone lines.

In 2006 FP replaced the UltiMail 60/90 series with the UltiMail 65 and UltiMail 95.

In Spring 2012, FP stopped producing the UltiMail 65 in favor of the PostBase mailing system, which can operate at a similar speed, while offering some contemporary advantages, including user-friendly touchscreen controls.

In Fall 2013, FP ceased manufacturing the UltiMail 95 in favor of the newly-released PostBase 85.

UltiMail Features

  • Up to 100 Departmental Accounts
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Clean, Quiet Digital Operation
  • Automatic Date and Postage Correction Capabilities
  • Interfaces with Accounting and Mailing Software
  • 100% USPS® IBIP Compliant
  • Optional Integrated 10 lb. Scale
  • Integrated Label Dispenser

Best Replacement

We recommend the following FP postage meters to replace the UltiMail 60, 65, 90 and 95:

PostBase 65 or 85

Current UltiMail Users

FP continues to support the UltiMail. If you operate an UltiMail postage meter, you can still obtain service and supplies.

UltiMail Support

JetMail Mailing System (discontinued)

JetMail Mailing System


Launched: 1999

Status: Discontinued, no longer supported

The JetMail Digital Mailing System was FP’s top-of-the-line product, offering high-speed (120 letters-per-minute) fully-automatic processing, vertical transport, and oversized mail handling. It featured FP’s first dynamic scale, an optional inline scale that dynamically calculated postage in real-time during processing.

The JetMail was replaced by FP’s CentorMail MAX, which builds on the tradition of vertical mail feeding, along with numerous technological improvements.


  • Auto daily date set
  • Digital inkjet printing
  • Easy-to-read display screen
  • High postage and low postage warnings
  • Interfaces with any FP electronic scale
  • Modular design
  • Maintains up to nine push-button meter ads
  • Soft key control pad
  • TELESET postage refill system
  • Vertical feeding handles mixed mail up to 0.8 inch
  • Whisper-quiet at 64 dB

Best Replacement

We recommend the following FP postage meters to replace the JetMail:

CentorMail MAX

PostalManager Mailing Software (discontinued)

PostalManager Mailing Software (discontinued)

PostalManager Mailing Software

Launched: 2007

Status: Discontinued, no longer supported

PostalManager was a PC-based software program that integrated with FP Mailing’s UltiMail and CentorMail postage meters. PostalManager augmented the meter’s native capabilities by adding extensive accounting, reporting and tracking functionality.


  • Unlimited accounts, including available 3-tier accounts.
  • Advanced reporting, including data export.
  • Upload and track USPS confirmation services, including Delivery Confirmation and Signature Confirmation.
  • Print USPS confirmation services labels.
  • Print USPS shipping labels.
  • Save frequently used mail jobs as presets.
  • Optional touchscreen monitor.

Best Replacements

MailOne for UltiMail and CentorMail

MailOne 2.0 for PostBase

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