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PostBase integra

The most efficient postage meter for Office Series

PostBase integra embodies a modern, award winning design that integrates seamlessly into any office.

This USPS® IMI Compliant, German engineered postage meter is as secure as it is powerful. Seal check and jam prevention features ensure mail processed by integra maintains its integrity. This easy to use postage meter offers a full color touch screen that is loaded with the latest technology. The PostBase integra is here to simplify your mail experience every step of the way.


Navigate your mailroom like your smart phone with the PostBase full color touchscreen. Every task made simple using an intuitive, icon driven menu.


The PostBase integra checks every envelope flap that goes through the sealer ensuring security and confidentiality.


Place a stack of mail on the scale and send them through one at a time. PostBase calculates the postage for each piece.

Pair with Software Solutions to simplify your mailroom

MailOne Software

Supercharge your PostBase with MailOne

MailOne software is the ultimate tool to monitor, manage, track and reduce your postal expenditures. Instantly access USPS® Commercial-Base Pricing discounts,  print shipping labels, E-Certified Electronic Return Receipts, and run reports.

Learn more about MailOne Software

Benefits at a glance:

  • Process up to 110 letters per minute
  • Promote your business with Meter Ads
  • Integrated 15 lb. scale with Differential Weighing
  • Catch Tray
  • Seal Check Sensor
  • LAN Internet Connection with Wi-Fi option
  • User-friendly Color Touchscreen
  • USPS® IMI-Compliant security
  • Postage Available 24/7
  • Reduce cost with Commercial-Base Pricing for shipping

Upgrade to the PostBase pro for additional features

PostBase pro DS Front View

As your mail grows, you need a postage meter that is tailored to your specific mailing needs. The PostBase pro can be adapted to your ever-changing needs at any time. PostBase pro is the smart choice for any mailroom that processes variable volumes of mail.

Learn more about the PostBase pro.