FP Major Accounts

We know you have choices when selecting a mailing solutions provider. With FP™ Mailing Solutions, you get the best of both worlds – the stability of a worldwide company and the flexibility of an organization that’s free to customize solutions based on customer needs. This enables us to offer one of the most personalized Major Accounts programs in the market today.Who qualifies as an FP™ Major Account?

  • Companies with centralized purchasing and multiple field locations.
  • Companies with at least 30 locations.
  • Companies that spend $50,000+ in mailing solutions per year.
  • Why should you consider the FP™ Major Accounts Program?

Large organizations need an experienced business partner to help manage the
difficult, challenging, and complex issues that their field offices face nationally in
today’s market. The FP™ Mailing Solutions Major Accounts Team can make this
process easy.

How We Deliver for Major Account Companies

  • Personalized service
  • Devoted professional team
  • Most flexible rental plan in the industry
  • Price guarantees
  • Custom invoicing

All this and more, please contact us for more information on our Major Account Program

Contact FP™ for information about products and services for large businesses & organizations.

Major Accounts & Government:

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