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Finance Services for FP Customers

FP Mailing Solutions has partnered with several Leasing companies to provide internet-based financing to help our Sales Channels sell total mailstream solutions.

FP easy lease

FP EZLease offers you a simple and easy to understand payment structure that provides one low monthly payment. Additional benefits to EZLease include free shipping and a free copy of mailone, to help simplify mailroom reporting and accounting, when leasing the ultimail 65/95 and the centormail MAX 120/140. FP has several all-inclusive packages available through EZLease that are sure to fit all of your mailing needs.eo.

Postage Meter leasing

Great America’s reputation for its high level of service is based on its “Customers For Life™” Program, which observes some of the highest ethical standards in the industry.

Postage Meter Leasing

GLC provides financing support to a database of more than 10,000 equipment Dealers, manufacturers, and brokers nationwide and permit Dealers to make proposals and bids with competitive rates and flexible payment schedules to meet the customer’s budgetary requirements. GLC is able to match the needs of the Lessee to ensure that the supported vendor offers the most attractive financing.