Customer Satisfaction

We’re committed to your complete satisfaction with FP Mailing Solutions products and services.

Call it a vision. Call it a culture. FP Mailing Solutions is committed to defining our place in a very competitive market by providing an ultimate level of customer service. Only years of experience in the mailing and postage meter industry, combined with a commitment to quality, can achieve this. Our German-engineered, exceptionally well-designed manufacturing process is of the highest standards. We rigorously fight to achieve a level of service and support that exceeds anything else available in our industry. And we guarantee it.

FP has always been at the forefront of innovation with the introduction of plenty of firsts – the first automatic postage meter, electronic postage meter, digital postage meter, inkjet machine, and multi-carrier machine. As the USPS® makes continuous changes, FP works with them to meet the challenges and opportunities of the new environment. This is evident with our high-end mailing machine, the centormailMAX, with the revolutionary design of its vertical feed and dynamic scale that processes true mixed mail, setting an industry benchmark for efficient mail processing. And we have a complete range of products to precisely match any mail user’s requirements.

The Pulse
We do not leave customer satisfaction to chance. We regularly survey our customers to check that we are meeting their expectations. If there is anything that has been less than excellent in our products or services, we strongly encourage our customers to let us know immediately. We care about being the best, which means we care about always trying to improve. Ultimately, this shows that we care about our customers. Each quarter we ask our customers what they think about us, department by department, service by service. The good news is that we have met our corporate quality objectives over the past year, and strive to continue this success story.

The Best
Whether looking for the security that comes from dealing with a multi-million dollar, long-established manufacturing company; the support of a nationally-based, highly-skilled and dedicated field service force; or the industry-leading sales and consultancy of our sales channels; FP guarantees we are always striving to be the best. Our selling partners are not just sales people that are only interested in commission; neither are they unsupported independent Dealers. They are an integral part of the FP Mailing Solutions organization. This gives our customers the best of both worlds – the commitment, flexibility, and accessibility of a local company, along with the support and stability that a large public company can offer.

Customer Care, One Customer at a Time
Our goals are straightforward, but ambitious: provide businesses with comprehensive, world-class mail center solutions that consistently anticipate needs and exceed expectations.

At FP Mailing Solutions, we view ourselves as expectation managers, experts in making sure customers understand what we are delivering, and when. And we hold fast to our high standards, whether the customer in question is a two-person shop or a large firm with massive daily output.

We refer to this as “customer intimacy.” It grows out of our company-wide passion for thinking creatively and actively seeking opportunities to go above and beyond. It also grows out of the kind of honest, open communication and business relationships made possible with the community-based representation we achieve through our Dealer network. That local representation translates into superior service and flexible, customized solutions based on understanding the customer’s short-term needs and long-range vision.

The FP corporate office has dedicated Customer Service Reps on call during regular business hours Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 7:00pm (CT). We are equipped to handle all technical, billing, order, and postage questions. Call 1-800-341-6052.

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