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Click-N-Ship Software (April 6, 2015)

Effective April 26, 2015, USPS’s free USPS Meter Label Solution (formerly Click-N-Ship for Business) software requires users to set up a valid payment method to print shipping labels. For the vast majority of CNSB users, this means setting up a postage meter account with a company like FP Mailing Solutions.

Prior to that date, users could print shipping labels without postage and pay postage with stamps or at the Post Office.

Attention FP Customers

Use the applicable Meter Device Name from the list below in the software’s payment preferences.

PostBase P100
PostBase Mini M100
MyMail X400
UltiMail X1500
CentorMail C100
OptiMail 30 X30

The software requires an IBI compliant meter (as in the above list) that prints an Information Based Indicia. If you have an older meter like T-1000 or OptiMail, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the above models to use with the USPS software.

“Exception Thrown” Error

Fix the error, “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”, by the following directions:

Run the USPS meter label solution with admin rights. To do so:

  1. Right click on desktop icon for the USPS meter label solution.
  2. Click [Properties].
  3. Click [Compatibility] tab.
  4. In the privilege level section at the bottom, check “Run this program as an administrator”.

The software allows the following payment methods:

  1. Postage meter account
  2. Permit (applicable only to PMOD and MRS labels)
  3. eVS (electronic verification system for large volume shippers)

The wording of the USPS notice published to CNSB users in March 2015 led some to believe that the software was being cancelled, and that users were directed to replace CNSB with postage meters. Not true. The software is simply being updated to require setup of payment method, with postage meter accounts applying to most CNSB users.

USPS Announcement about Click-N-Ship for Business Update

Dear Valued Customer,

At USPS, we want to ensure that we are providing current and relevant applications, products, and services that our customers rely on to grow their business. To meet the needs of our business customers, in late April 2015 the Click-N-Ship for Business® application will be transitioning to a USPS® meter label solution. This meter label solution application will inherit most of the current capabilities and features from the Click-N-Ship for Business® application, but will no longer support creating labels unless an approved meter, permit, and/or eVS® account payment method has been identified within the application.

To minimize the impact on the daily operations for our customers, transitioning to the USPS® meter label solution will be a seamless process, requiring a minimal effort by the customer. In the upcoming weeks we will provide additional information about the transition process, as well as the application’s features, functions.


USPS® Click-N-Ship for Business® Team

CNSB shipping label without postage

Targeted at users who ship 50-100 parcels/month (such as part-time eBay sellers), the CNSB software was originally introduced in 2003 as Shipping Assistant. It has been appealing to the occasional shipper who has accumulated a large quantity of stamps – often at discount from face value, or those who like the convenience of printing their own shipping labels with tracking, but wish to pay by cash or check at USPS retail counters. As noted, that’s going away.

Click-N-Ship for Business allows 4”x6” shipping label printing for several popular mail classes, including First Class Package and Media Mail, which are not always available in postage meters. This lets postage meter customers to use their meter accounts to ship with these alternative classes.

How to Get a Postage Meter Account

CNSB users interested in establishing meter accounts should Contact Us and inquire with Sales about an appropriate postage meter.

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